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Make Music Day 2022

Join the worldwide celebration of music! Make Music Day 2022

Fine Music is proud to support Make Music Day, an international celebration of music taking place on June 21stIn the past few years, this event has continued through online events, whether that be reliving previous live performances, live streaming on social media, or putting together a multitrack recording with friends. Although this was a very hard time for all of us, it was inspiring to see how musicians around the world kept the music going through isolation and lockdowns.


This year, you have the option to partake in an in-person event or continue with online events. Whichever type of event you end up choosing will be a valuable contribution to this annual celebration. Here are some ideas you might consider for the day:

Any requests? If you have a vast repertoire on your instrument, you could do a live stream on social media and take real-time audience requests. Or, if you aren’t quite game for that, ask for requests in advance and give a show curated by your followers.

Keeping it local – See if any local businesses, such as a café, would have happy for you to give their patrons a short concert. You could also check with your local council if you can use a public space, like a rotunda.

Motivate me - Get out that piece you’ve been intending to polish, but not had the motivation to do so, record your best performance of it, and upload it to social media.


Once you’ve decided what kind of event you want to do, register at . There’s also lots of event ideas and resources you can use to make your event great. If you have a space you can offer to performers, you can register this on the website as well.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQs on Make Music Australia’s website.