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Back To School - Woodwind Instruments

Embark on your musical journey confidently with our range of student woodwind instruments. Ranging clarinets, flutes, alto saxophones,  tenor saxophones, and oboes, we offer reliable options from trusted brands like Yamaha, Schagerl, and Backun. Starting with a high-quality student instrument ensures a positive beginner experience, setting the stage for enjoyable learning and producing pleasing sounds from the outset. Plus, our instruments come with comprehensive warranties, providing added peace of mind as you pursue your musical aspirations. For added convenience, explore rental options with Studio 19 by clicking on your preferred instrument and submitting an application.

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Backun Alpha Bb Student Clarinet with Silver Keys
Backun Beta Bb Clarinet
Eastman ECL225N Student Clarinet
Pearl Curved and Straight P505 Flute
Pearl Quantz P500 Flute
Pearl Quantz P505E1R Flute
Pearl Quantz P505EU Flute
Schagerl 355 Advanced Student Bb Alto Saxophone – Lacquered Finish
Yamaha YAS26 Student Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YAS280 Student Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YCL255 Student Bb Clarinet
Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute
Yamaha YFL222 Flute
Yamaha YOB241B ABS Oboe - Low Bb
Yamaha YTS26 Student Tenor Saxophone
Yamaha YTS280 Student Tenor Saxophone