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The Difference Between Student and Intermediate Musical Instruments

Owning the best quality instrument within your budget will give you the most enjoyable playing experience.  Not only will the right instrument feel comfortable in your hands and respond accurately to your touch, but it will also help you produce the best possible sound for your skill level.  

Although student models are typically mass-produced, intermediate and professional instruments receive more personalised attention from master instrument makers. The difference may not be seen, but can be felt and heard.

Purchasing a Student/ Beginner Instrument

If you have never played before, a student model instrument is a great place to start. Quality brand student models are easy to play (responsive), durable, and easy to tune.

Purchasing from a quality brand will ensure that you have the best chance at succeeding on your new instrument. Brands you can trust include Yamaha, Bach, Eastman, Pearl, Schagerl, Shires, Backun, Buffet, Conn, and Selmer. These brands hold their value and can be re-sold when it is time to upgrade to an intermediate instrument. 

Purchasing an Intermediate Instrument

While student models are designed for ease of playing and can produce a good sound, it will be time to upgrade when you start playing more advanced repertoire and mastering your instrument. Most students will upgrade when they have been playing for about 3 or 4 years, or sooner if they are advancing rapidly.

The benefits of upgrading to an intermediate/professional instrument include: 
- Higher quality materials 
- More expressive capability and nuances of tone 
- Depending on the instrument, extra keys that increase the range or improves intonation for certain notes

Often your teacher will recommend a brand and model they think will be suitable for your playing ability and you can be confident it will be a fitting choice. Alternatively, you can try a few instruments yourself and see what best suits your needs and playing style by booking a Play-Test Appointment

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