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Fine Music stock a wide range of Pearl, and Yamaha flutes. Varying from beginner curved head joint flutes for young students, to student flutes, and upgrades to intermediate and professional flutes. Whether you are looking for a flute with a split E mechanism, off set G, C foot, B foot, auxiliary trill keys, forza lip plates, or variations in the plating including nickel, silver, and gold plated features, Fine Music can help you. Our flutes come with a hard case, cleaning products, and a warranty. We also have an extensive range of flute sheet music and flute accessories available in store and online. Call or come in store to speak to one of our flute experts.

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Armstrong Flute A102E Flute
Jupiter JF517 Alto Flute
Jupiter JFL700E Flute
Pearl Curved and Straight P505 Flute
Pearl Dolce P695 Vigore Flute
Pearl Dolce P695RBEF Flute
Pearl Elegante Brezza P795 Flute
Pearl Elegante P795 Vigore Flute
Pearl Elegante P795RBECDF Flute
Pearl Elegante P795RBEF Flute
Pearl PFA201SU Alto Flute
Pearl PFB305 Bass Flute
Pearl Quantz P500 Flute
Pearl Quantz P505E1R Flute
Pearl Quantz P505EU Flute
Pearl Quantz P525E1R Flute
Pearl Quantz P525E1RF Flute
Pearl Quantz P665RBE Flute
Pearl Quantz P665RE1R Flute
Pearl Quantz P765RBE Flute
Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute
Yamaha YFL222 Flute
Yamaha YFL372HID Itermediate Flute - B Foot
Yamaha YFL372ID Intermdediate Flute