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Five Accessories You Need for the Bassoon

In this blog post, we'll explore five indispensable accessories that every bassoon player should have to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their instrument. From body swabs to reeds and supportive straps, each accessory plays a crucial role in preserving the bassoon's delicate components and enhancing the player's overall experience. Let's step into the world of bassoon accessories!

1. Body Swab & 2. Bocal Swab

A cloth swab will remove moisture from your instrument, which is important to do every time after you play. Bassoon players need two swabs - one for the main body and a smaller one for the bocal. The body swab will help keep the pads in good condition and stop them from swelling, which can cause a leak in the instrument. 

3. Reeds

Reeds are vital for producing the vibration that allows you to make a sound on your instrument. Most students will begin using K.Ge Student Intermediate reeds as they make it easier for beginner players to produce a sound and are more cost effective than more advanced reed ranges. Medium soft strength is appropriate for most students. It’s a good idea to have a couple reeds on you at all times as they may unexpectedly break. 

4. Soaker Cup

Before you play, you will need to soak your reed in water for a couple minutes before placing it in your instrument.

5. Seat Strap/Harness

Seat straps, neck straps, and harnesses will give you the right support when playing your instrument. Seat straps are perhaps the most popular option, offering the ability to easily adjust the position of the instrument whilst playing and relieving pressure from your neck and back.