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Five Accessories You Need for the Flute

In this blog post, we'll explore five essential accessories that every flutist should have to keep their instrument in optimal shape. From cleaning rods and gauze to microfiber and silver polishing cloths, each accessory serves a crucial role in preventing moisture-related issues and preserving the flute's shiny appearance. Let's navigate the world of flute accessories!

1. Cleaning Rod & 2. Cleaning Gauze

These two items go hand in hand! The cleaning gauze removes moisture from your flute when you wrap it around your cleaning rod. It’s important to do this after every time you play so your pads don’t swell and cause a leak in the instrument.

3. Microfiber Polishing Cloth

You should use a microfiber cloth to wipe fingerprints off your instrument every day. This will help prevent tarnish from developing on the silver plating.

4. Silver Polishing Cloth

If tarnish does develop on your instrument, a treated silver polishing cloth will allow you to safely remove it. Don’t use liquid silver polish as this can cause your pads to swell. Tarnish will be removed from hard to reach places by an instrument repairer during a service.

5. Cleaning Paper

Cleaning paper will help to remove moisture from your pads. Just slide a sheet between the pad and tone hole, and depress the key a few times.