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How to Assemble Your Trombone

Trombone bell and slide section up close

Your trombone may only have a few parts, but there are still some things you should be aware of when assembling it for the first time.

The Process

A person holding a trombone with arrows pointing to the bell and the mouthpiece receiver.

1. When putting your trombone together, make sure the mouthpiece receiver is on the right hand side, and the bell is on your left.

Hands screwing the bell section onto the slide.

2. After inserting the main body into the slide, make sure you fasten the slide lock ring to keep everything in place.

Trombone mouthpiece being inserted into the mouthpiece receiver.

3. Now you can place your mouthpiece into the mouthpiece receiver.

Hand pointing to slide lock.

4. When you are finished playing, it is important to secure your slide with the slide lock.

Trombone is great fun to play, but stay in control of that slide to avoid a trip to the repairer!

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