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How to Oil Euphonium Valves

Valve oil is being applied to a euphonium valve. The euphonium is in the background and the person applying the oil is wearing colourful clothing.

When do you valves need oiling?

If your valves are moving slowly, or not coming up at all, it’s probably time to oil them! Only use valve oil that is specially designed for brass instruments. Although certain household products may seem to do the job, they are probably not good for you to breathe in or for the health of your instrument.

Keeping Your Valves in Order

We recommend oiling your valves one at a time so you can keep track of which valve goes where. Most euphoniums do have the numbers engraved onto the valves though, in case you do mix the valves up. Just make sure valve number one is the valve closest to the mouthpiece. 

Two images side by side. On the left, a red cross is shown next to the top of the euphonium valve button, with a finger pointed towards it. On the right, a finger points to the top of the valve casing.

1. To take out the valve, unscrew the top of the valve casing, not the valve key.

Oil is being removed from a euphonium valve with paper towel.

2. Wipe off your old valve oil using some paper towel or a cloth.

Oil is being applied to a euphonium valve.

3. Place a couple drops along the valve, place it back into the casing and twist it around to lubricate the whole valve and casing. 

There is an arrow between the euphonium valve guide and the cutaway in the valve casing.

4. When putting the valve back in the casing, line up the valve guide with the cutaway inside the casing, and then screw the top of the casing back down.

If the valve is making a clacking sound when you press it down, make sure the casing is completely screwed down.

A spring is being inserted into the euphonium valve casing.

5. Euphonium valves have a spring inside them which may fall out when oiling your valves. If this happens, just put it back in before putting the valve back in.

That’s everything you need to know about oiling your euphonium valves! 

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