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How to Oil Your Trombone Trigger

Rotor oil is being applied to the face of the trombone valve trigger.

As a trombone trigger uses a rotary mechanism, rotor oil is required to keep it moving smoothly. It’s handy to use an oil that has a needle applicator so that it can get into the smaller areas without making a mess.

The Process

Rotor oil being applied to spindle with a needle. Arrows indicate the placement of oil.

1. To apply the oil to the spindles, put the needle in between the rotor arm and the rotor and squeeze.

A finger moves the trombone trigger up and down.

2. Move the valve back and forth to disperse the oil.

Rotor valve cap is being unscrewed.

3. To oil the face of the rotors, turn the trombone over and remove the valve cap.

Oil is being applied to the rotor face.

4. Put a drop of the oil in the reservoir and slowly pull out the F tuning slide without depressing the trigger. This will create a vacuum and pull the oil into the right places.

The trombone valve trigger has been pushed down and the tuning slide is being pulled out.

5. Depress the trigger whilst pushing the slide back in so that the oil stays put. Repeat this a few times and screw the cap back on.

Oil is being inserted into the bell receiver opening.

6. Optionally, you can also remove the slide and carefully place a few drops of oil into the bell receiver directly onto the rotor valve.

If you have persistent issues with your valves after following these steps, see the qualified technicians at Windcraft Repair for further assistance. 

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